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Video/HD Services

Full Mobile DV/HD Film Capabilities
We can deliver DVD/CD/Streaming Videos On the Spot!

We offer full video HD/DV production services to present your company's message in VHS/DVD/MPEG or for view at u-Tube.  As you may or may not know we are producing a cooking show for TV.  It requires use to travel to restaurants around the world.  We have selected equipment which allows us to have a mobile production service. 

Our mobile production service allows us to shot, edit and produce a final  DVD on the spot.  We can combine outsource print (picture scans) Internet (online photos) Digital Music (rip CD music) with digital photography and video production all in one clip.  What you want to do with your company message tells us if we should cut it to a DVD, VHS or MPEG file or upload it on the internet and stream it through Google Video, u-Tube or your corporate website.

We also have overhead booms, lighting, back drops, sound mics. and logo creation service.

Examples Follow

Spring Fashion Show

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Top Designer Promo Piece

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Stanley Korshack

Click for Video

Reflection Fine Art Gallery

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Chef Video TV

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Caesar Salad Competition


Click for Video

Kids Cooking Fudge

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What is Kobe Beef

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Kids Cooking Beef Tacos

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  What is Kobe Beef

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