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Apparel Sales Program XP Patch for Foxpro

If you have High Speed internet access Just down load this file to into the program directory below.

foxw2600.esl  <-----Click on this   file is 3 Meg in size and save in below directory  (Do nothing else but override existing file)


If you are using dial up, this patch is a 32K file which will be faster to install

patch2x.exe    <---Click on this file and Save in below directory

Place either file in the below directories:

Exit to the DOS Prompt:  Start-Program (All Programs)-Accessories-Command Prompt


Cd\     enter

Cd\netlink\remote   <- Full Version of Rep Program

Cd\netlink\replite   <---Rep Lite Program

Cd\netlink\basic   <---Basic MFG PROGRAM

 Patch2x foxw2600.esl  and enter


To Copy patch from floppy (A:) or , Substitute CD Drive letter for A: or down lad directly from this site into above directory.

 Copy a:\patch2x.exe

 Once copied type the following:

 Patch2x foxw2600.esl  and enter



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