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Perfect Meals TV Show


     Join PickaRestaurant.com as they pick a cuisine and globe trot the world picking the best restaurant to prepare the perfect meal course by course.  Each week, world-class chefs prepare a seven-course meal from appetizer to dessert and everything in between.  First, itís a little history on cuisine utensils, ingredients, and preparation methods; then itís off into a different top restaurant chefís kitchen preparing each course.  Our cameras capture the entire process; itís a cooking show, a travel show, a restaurant review show and a true culinary delight all in one.

     Week to week go online and join the 4 million users of PickaRestaurant.com who learn more about the cuisine, download the recipes, watch streaming video cuts, write your own restaurant reviews, and vote for your chance to win a perfect meal for two given away at each featured restaurant.  If you have any question please feel free to contact us at Info@PickaRestaurant.com



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