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     Patron Profiler allows business owners to track vital statistics on their patrons. This is an important customer relation management (CRM) function, which can simply start by asking your customers to complete a comment card, drop a business card, or take information directly off a credit card receipt.   Enter patron information into Patron Profiler, and shortly you will be using the software to track customer frequency, buying preferences, birthdays and a host of other statistics.  Our ultimate goal is to make you self-sufficient and manage your own email and direct mail marketing campaigns.
      Patron Profilers can also help you plan, implement, and manage your interactive, email, and direct mail marketing campaigns. Utilize our experience and knowledge, and we will point you to the best solutions to counteract the high costs of advertising your business.  We even provide services to data enter your patron list so that you can focus on your day-to-day operations.  Just drop your comment cards or business cards in an envelope to us each month and we will build your list.  Of course if you have the time to do it yourself, it will not be long and you will be handling most of your own promotions internally and with ease.

     As part of our services we will include relevant lead databases with the software already loaded.  We have huge database of listing for direct mail and email marketing.
Let us help your secure the information you need and load it up in an easy to use software program.


Restaurant Email Marketing - Your Blue Print to Success maps the process of building a successful email marketing campaign in 7 easy steps.  We give step you through a real world example of how a restaurant would implement a strategy to increase premium wine sales.  The book starts with an introduction to email marketing and why it is so important.  We next identify keys to marketing and cover the 4 unique ways to increase sales at your restaurant.  Once this basic information is delivered we take you step-by-step through the entire process of creating, implementing and delivering an email campaign.  We even help you set your goals, implement them and do a follow-up evaluations.  Included with the E-book are 12 forms to help you plan and implement your email campaigns.  Use these each time you put together a campaign plan

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