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   PickaRestaurant.com offers 230 regional city guides covering restaurants from fast food to fine dining. Our site serves both business travelers and locale diners telling them the "Top Picks" from steakhouses to vegetarian food and "Hot Spots" from trendy lounges to karaoke bars. The typical PickaRestaurant.com user is an affluent business professional, aged 25-50, computer literate, and a consumer who dines out more than 3 times a week. In 2005 we served nearly 4 million diners over 35 million restaurant related pages. Advertisers can place ads meeting the demographics and geographic limits of the customer they wish to reach simply by the page where the ad is placed.

     We have created something unique at PickaRestaurant.com and that is self-service advertising. Not text ads like you have seen in the search engines, but real interactive banner ads like those ran by companies with huge budgets. This allows our advertisers to manage their own campaigns, switch out their ads and even run daily promotions. Since we do not need 6 people to assist in the sales to creation to website insertion process we can pass the saving directly to you that our competitors cannot.

     We also help our clients in their media buying strategies.  We will optimize your site to benefit the most it can for search engine referral traffic, and then we will place ad buys for you across various networks.

     Are you interested in a visually stimulating our website users with one of your ads? If so, please visit www.PickaRestaurant.com?  If you are a restaurant, click on the top page link entitled “ Promote Your Restaurant” as we cover enhanced restaurant listing and ad placement options. Non-restaurants wishing to reach our affluent customer base click, should click on the top page link entitled “Advertisers.” Either link will give you more information and pricing. In just a few minutes your ad can be up and running at PickaRestaurant.com.  If you have any question please feel free to contact us at Info@PickaRestaurant.com


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