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Diskman Software Inc., is a company based in Dallas, Texas, which focuses on creating business solutions with special emphasis on the ever changing fashion and restaurant industries .   We offer vertically developed software to all participants from manufacturers to wholesale representatives to retail store establishments.  In addition, Diskman offers Internet Solutions for both industries.  E-commerce enabled web-sites for product sales to end-user, on-line catalogs to offer new styles to retail store buyers, and inventory and shipment databases, online menus on the web are just a few solutions created by Diskman.

The Year 2007 will be the 20th year that we have been offering software solutions and the 13th that we have been offering Internet services.  We have been helping our clients integrate into the future.   We have taken them from bulletin boards to websites, from faxes to emails, from phones to VOIP, from printed forms to online applications,  forms, and EDI solutions, and forms from disk based software solutions to Asp Internet based applications..

We thank you for visiting our site... if we may help solve any problems you may have through a software or Internet solution please contact us at info@pickarestaurant.com or the old fashion way by one of the below methods:

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Diskman Software, Inc.

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